faeryland-maga-ettori-photo-nico-cornuMagà Ettori is a film maker, born in Ajaccio in 1972. Married with two children, he did his cinema studies at Ecole Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle (ESRA), journalism at the Centre Professionnel de Journalisme (CFJ), languages (Cambridge University ) and dramatic arts (Conservatoire Maurice Ravel). In 1990, Magà founded and directed “l’Institut Citoyen du Cinéma” which had a goal of supporting politically motivated films. That same year, – at the request of Antoine Bonfanti- he made “Domotica” with Jean Lefebvre as the main actor. In 2011, Magà Ettori was elected Cinema Advisor at the Conseil Economique Social et Culturel Corse (CESCC). He became involved in the development of New Emerging Cinema in the Mediterranean region with the Anna Lindh Foundation. From the beginning of his career, Magà Ettori wrote and directed several dozen films. He also created a cultural magazine and a Contemporary Art gallery in Ajaccio which was a double project awarded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Magà Ettori who defines himself as a citizen of the world and a humanist, became vegan in 2012. Along with his cinematographic career, Magà Ettori hosted numerous trainings, conferences, festivals, debates, master classes, workshops and meetings, three colloquiums in the Senate, and one at UNESCO headquarters. He also steered the “Convention of the Animal Rights Activists” and the “Convention of Corsican Culture”. Faeryland, of which he is author, director and performer, is considered to be the first vegan film.